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Good things come in all shapes and sizes; bad things are no exception.

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A list of common tasks in linux and how to do them.

Today I will try to explain what adjusting entries are in accounting. Adjusting entries are journal entries made at the end of an accounting period of a Company. When account balances are incorrect, an adjusting journal entry is prepared to adjust account balances.

Simple helper functions in PHP to get the children or grandchildren (descendants) of a page in ProcessWire (tested on PW 2.5.x)

Setting up a comment system on ProcessWire

CSS3 transitions allows you to change property values smoothly (from one value to another), over a given duration. These transition properties allow elements to change values over a specified duration, animating the property changes, rather than having them occur immediately.

How to convert a unix timestamp to a human readable date in PHP?

Code sample to create a Card Stack Effect using only HTML and CSS3.